2 days – 4 Workshops on KM and Innovation

January 22, 2014

 This Event has been cancelled – We are sorry for any inconvenience that might have caused!



We are very pleased to announce our second iklub workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday March 11th and 12th, 2014!

  • Knowledge retention techniques – Dr. Vincent Ribière (IKI-SEA)
  • Using Intellectual Capital as source of innovation – Dr. Gordon McConnachie (former R&D Manager Dow Chemical Europe and former Director of Intellectual Asset Management Services Europe with PricewaterhouseCoopers)
  • Innovation through Design Thinking – Christian Walter (IKI-SEA)
  • Game-based approach to learning (gamification) – Dr. Eric Tsui (Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre – Hong Kong)

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Free for iklub members!
Complementary 1 year iklub membership for ALL participants!
25,000 THB 2 days workshop (including lunches)
50,000 THB Corporate rate for 3 members (including lunches)
15,000 THB  For non for profit organizations, government and universities  (including lunches)

If you don’t want to attend all workshops you can do! Please check in the registration form which of the workshops you would like to attend.

Each individual workshop will cost 4500 THB (not including lunch). Please note that the iklub membership is only included if you attend all workshops!

Lunch will cost an additional 800 THB.



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Knowledge transfer and retention approaches
Prof. Dr. Vincent Ribiere

In every type of organization there are people who know and people who need to know.  Knowledge transfer and retention tools, practices and strategies help to facilitate the fast and efficient transfer of critical knowledge between these 2 groups of employees so the following threats can be mitigated:

  • Losing employees with unique critical knowledge
  • Rework and mistakes
  • Attrition due to high turnover and retirement
  • Safety incidents
  • Unprepared workforce (employees taking years to be fully productive (Gen Y))
  • Increased costs
  • Etc …

In this workshop you will be presented with recommendations and solutions to implement or improve the knowledge transfer and retention programs in your organization.

Using Intellectual Capital as a source of innovation
Dr. Gordon McConnachie

In this workshop the first half will be devoted to describing how intellectual capital has been employed by companies large and small to spur innovation and the growth of new value. In the second half of the workshop the participants will be invited to take a look at the intellectual capital in their own organisations, and how this can be used to create new value through innovation using open source tools originally developed and used by the IA Centre in Scotland, a unit of the national economic development agency Scottish Enterprise. The workshop is of value to any person or organisation seeking to employ innovation to create new value in a knowledge rich economy setting.

Innovation through Design Thinking
Christian Walter

Design Thinking is the ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to build solutions. The methodology is a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results. Everything around us is designed and the term “design” is often used to describe an object or end result. In its most effective form “design” is a process, an action, not an object. Hence, Design Thinking is a protocol for solving problems and discovering new opportunities.

Game-based approach to learning (Gamification)
Dr.Eric Tsui

Gamification has been rated as a key management tool in the next 5 years to foster learning and strategy formulation. This workshop will provide an introduction to the Gamification concept covering, among others, game theory, game design, game mechanics. In addition to covering PolyU’s use of RAPIDS, a rapid authoring platform for instructional design of scenarios, case studies from corporations and universities use of games to promote learning will also be included.

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