All these benefits are included in your membership.

Network with other KM professionals

  1. Participate in discussions with KIM practitioners and academics.
  2. Share real project experiences and obtain guidance from experts and peers.
  3. Participate and Collaborate in Local and International Special Interest Groups (SIG) centered around solving real problems faced by practitioners.
  4. Gain access to a wide variety of sharing platforms on- line and face to face.
  5. Contact other members for advice and help.
  6. Chat, share and learn during iklub lunches and social events.
  7. Develop your professional network (locally and internationally).
  8. Enjoy a good lunch or dinner after our event.

Grow professionally

  1. Learn and develop new tools and approaches by participating in Special Interest Groups (SIG), locally and internationally (France, Singapore, Hong-Kong).
  2. Learn about the latest KM and IM (KIM) trends and competency requirements.
  3. Stay updated by reading the InK News about the latest news in the KIM fields – emailed to every month (for iklub members only).
  4. Learn from the iKNOW magazine, the magazine for knowledge workers published by the IKI-SEA (bi-yearly)- Hard copy mailed to you.
  5. Pick up good practices and lessons learned from KIM practitioners and from KM Excellence Awards winners (Singapore )
  6. Learn from site visits (locally and internationally) (additional fees may apply)
  7. Gain new knowledge through a variety of subsidized learning events (talks and trainings).
  8. Participate in other discounted workshops, conferences and courses offered by IKI-SEA and affiliated providers (10-50% discount).
  9. Benefit from our links with other KM and IM International clubs and societies

Tap our KIM resources

  1. Gain access to our expanding KM and IM resources library: case studies, tools and techniques (including France, Singapore and Hong-Kong).
  2. Download podcasts, documents and slides of previous learning events
  3. Learn first-hand about KM job opportunities
  4. Know the results of our surveys and research activities first
  5. Also as a member, you will be entitled to attend iklub meetings and group discussions (regular meeting every 2 months + additional learning events).

Organizational Benefits

  1. Participate in discussions with KIM practitioners and academics.
  2. Opportunities to pick up good practices from other or- ganizations engaged in KIM.
  3. Opportunities to watch past KIM-related events on the iklub website.
  4. Profile and logo on the iklub website and at major iklub events
  5. Sponsorship opportunities at significantly reduced rates
  6. Opportunities to participate in or host site visits
  7. Opportunities to benchmark KM practices with other organizations through iklub events

Download the iklub benefits in pdf.