The Club Gestion des Connaisance is the French Knowledge Management Club founded in 1999.



The iKlub is part of the The Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN) a formalisation of a relationship between four KM organisations to share resources and work collaboratively towards the following objectives:

  1. Increase membership base
  2. Raise membership profile
  3. Expand member outreach
  4. Enhance membership branding
  5. Extend knowledge sharing resources
  6. Extend platform for cross-discipline collaboration and advocacy

Additional information on the KMGN is available on the iKMS site. The members of the network are:



Information & Knowledge Management Society of Singapore – iKMS




Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society – HKKMS


actKM Forum


act Knowledge Management Forum of Australia – actkm




Innovation  and Knowledge Management Club of Thailand – iKlub