Upcoming iklub Event with Prof. Eric Tsui

August 16, 2013



Prof. Eric TsuiProf. Eric Tsui  from the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Center of Hong-Kong Polytechnic University will talk about “Developing and sustaining Communities of Practice (CoPs)” and  he will sign the partnership agreement between Hong-Kong KM society and the iklub Tuesday September 17th.

Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society

Developing and sustaining Communities of Practice (CoPs)

This talk will focus on how to leverage on communities for enhanced knowledge retention, sharing and transfer. In particular, Wenger’s 5 stages model of a typical community will be used to illustrate the types of activities and threats that exist at different stages of a community lifecycle. Drawing from the presenter’s experience in nurturing local, online and global communities, this talk will shed light into potential solutions, preparatory measures and managing expectations for communities.


The event will once be at the Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit 57, close to BTS Thong Lor.

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